Hema and Shiv’s Indian wedding took place at the beautiful Bhaktivedanta  Manor (Hare Krishna Temple) located in Watford. For those of you that have been there before know that it is a place of peace and serenity.

The day started at The Laura Ashley Manor where both Hema & Shiv got ready. It was great to see Hema was super chilled out and relaxed whilst getting her make up done. Whilst Hema was getting ready, Shiv chilled out with Hema’s dad and brother -in-law. Quite unusual but shows the bond they already have. The day then continued at the Bhaktivedanta Manor, where their wedding ceremony took place. The ceremony was beautifully conducted by Pandit Ram Pandey.

True signs of British weather. It was one of those days where by the rain did not stop. Both Hema & Shiv took this in their stride and did let it affect them. It is believed that rain on a wedding day is a sign of good luck.

Fun Fact – George Harrison former member of The Beatles, donated the property in 1973.

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